Siv's Tidbits
Healthy, Happy & Safe Dogs
Hi everyone. Maybe I first should start with introducing myself.  I am Siv.  I am a animal lover , a  breeder of many Champion dogs, show dog owner and pet owner,  American Kennel Club Breeder Of Merit , and a member of Electric City Dog Club since 1993.
I will write a little every month about how we all can keep our dogs Healthy, Happy & Safe. I have always been focused on these 3 issues. In today's busy everyday for most people it can quickly get so the dog in the family does not get the attention it deserves and needs .
It does not take all that much to work in good routines into your every day life as a dog owner. I feel strongly that these 3 issues must go hand in hand as only picking 1 or 2 will not be enough.

I feel it is important to have a good relationship with a good veterinarian. So a place to start with your new pup in house is to decide what veterinarian you will be using. Some just pick a name from the yellow pages , others make a round and directly ask for a meeting with different vets to decide whom they would like to be their veterinarian . Some ask friends or family members the name of whom they use. Take your new pup for a visit and set up a schedule to get him/her fully vaccinated and this will be the first step in direction of building a relation ship for you and your dog with a veterinarian you can trust . After that , plan to take your dog in to your veterinarian for a yearly check up . I always also recommend to all dog owners to get their dog insured . AKC got good offer about dog insurance .
Right now we are in middle of January and winter is upon us.Some of you may still be leaving your dog outdoors for part of the day and others have set up with dog doors so they can go out and back in as they please . If you leave your dog out part of the day make sure they got all they need in order to stay warm and dry and also have a frost free / clean water dish.
A happy dog naturally makes for a happier owner. A pup or dog that is bored , easier get into trouble like digging , chewing and howling. Keep your dog happy with toys , chew sticks or bones , and if possible a daily walk is something every dog love.
There are many areas we need to think safety. Since we are touching on pups this time I will mention to make sure all pups toys are safe ones only. Keep eye on as your pup grow he might get bored of his baby toys and pull them apart. Make sure to throw away any unsafe toys and replace them with appropriate toys for your dogs age and needs .
Please remember to  keep safe any anti freeze or any other ice melting products you may keep in your garage this time of year.