Training and Event Schedules for 2022

The Following Sessions will be held by Lori Eby,  Dog Training For Human Companions, at  4000 62 Ave SW, Great Falls, MT 59404 

Scent Practice- Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. for Beginner Novice (pairing) followed by Novice and Advanced/Excellent.  We will be practicing for entering the April 30th and May 1st Trials at the 406 Arena.  Cost-$5 per session

Therapy dog class will be 3 classes and will start on Sunday, March 20, 27 and April 3rd at 1:00 p.m.  We will go through the procedures of how to get signed up for the Therapy dog program and go through simulations of what to expect as far as noises, smells and other requirements. Cost will be $50.

Farm Dog Certified - Toward the end of April, Lori I will have a couple of brush up classes for Farm Dog Certified and will go over what to expect if you are competing at the scent trials. 

Basic Obedience class - starting Sunday, March 6th at noon. It will be 6 weeks long and the cost is $120.

Informal Puppy Conformation Practice  - There will be 4 Saturday sessions, at 3pm, beginning 2 April, 9 April, 16 April, 23 April. Cost is $5 each time you show up.